Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Unveils Online Modes

Square Enix has unveiled the various online modes in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince that players can enjoy.

In Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, an NPC named Fizzy will be available for players to talk to. Appearing in Rosehill Tower, she will hold all of the online options available for players to use. There will be three main online features: Online Battles, Quickfire Contests, and the Online Shop.

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Here’s a quick look at what to expect from the online modes in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince:

Online Battles

dragon quest monsters the dark prince online battles

There are several different categories of battles to choose from. Ranked Matches pit you against other players from around the globe as you compete to take the top spot in the rankings. By rising through the ranks, you can earn rare accessories and other items to make your monsters stronger.

In Friend Matches, you play for fun against other wranglers whom you’ve registered as friends.

Finally, Multiplayer Tournaments feature up to eight players clashing in a knockout format. So fight your friends, fight your rivals, and don’t stop until you’ve reached the top!

Quickfire Contests

dragon quest monsters the dark prince quickfire contests

Once you register your party’s data, you’re ready to compete in Quickfire Contests.

These massive competitions use the data of 30 players to conduct battles automatically in the blink of an eye. You can only earn rewards from a Quickfire Contest once per day, but they include items that can raise your monsters’ stats, as well as identical monsters (B Rank and below only) from any teams you defeat over the course of the competition.

After a contest, you can view the details of each battle, as well as use your opponents’ party data to conduct Sparring Matches for practice. Utilize this information to improve your party composition and tweak your tactics. Quickfire Contests are a fast and easy way to strengthen your party, recruit new monsters, and earn useful items!

Online Shop

dragon quest monsters the dark prince online shop

The Online Shop updates its stock every day (meaning real-world days, rather than ingame days!), but the items available can also change as you progress through the story.

With special scrolls that can teach a new Talent to a monster, many powerful accessories, as well as a selection of delectable meats available, the Online Shop has something of value for monster wranglers of all levels. Be sure to check back regularly, and try not to let all that gold burn a hole in your pocket!

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, the latest entry in the Dragon Quest Monsters series, is launching on December 1, 2023, for Nintendo Switch.

*all content is currently still in development and is subject to change without prior warning.

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