Nintendo Switch Gets Official Distributor in The Philippines

VSTECS Phils. Inc has announced that it has recently been appointed as the official distributor of the Nintendo Switch in the Philippines.

In a Facebook post, the company announced that this appointment would further increase the “market visibility and accessibility” of the device as it leverages the “expansive retail channel network of VSTECS, encompassing consumer and electronic stores, IT retailers, gaming and multimedia outlets, as well as Nintendo Official Stores at local online shops.”

On top of this, VSTECS Phils. Inc. also confirms that they are also the designated service center for the Nintendo Switch in the Philippines. What this means is that the company’s extensive affiliate service centers will become available for customer support and maintenance services, allowing users who have a Nintendo Switch to avail of official repairs.

“Our distributor appointment from Nintendo is a significant step towards making Nintendo Switch a household name in the Philippines. Our extensive channel network and market reach amplify our ability to deliver the gaming products to a broader audience,” says Jimmy Go, president and CEO of VSTECS Phils.

vstecs phils. inc. nintendo switch

Given that the Nintendo Switch is a very sought-after product in the market, even years after it was first released, it’s nice to see Nintendo finally opening up its official support in the South East Asian region.

Before this, the Nintendo Switch was already widely available in the country, but it is nice to imagine just how much more accessible the device will be, along with the perks of having an official repair center, due to this appointment.

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