60FPS Update for Assassin’s Creed Origins Coming on June 2

Will you be replaying the game?
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The date may not have been accurate, but the previous reports about the 60FPS update for Assassin’s Creed Origins are spot on as Ubisoft has announced that it is indeed coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series on June 2.

The announcement came from Ubisoft socials, simply pointing out that the “winds of Egypt” are calling once again and it is about time to revisit Bayek’s adventures in buttery-smooth 60FPS.

Origins is certainly one of the better entries in recent memory, serving as the start of the trilogy that saw big gameplay changes made to the tried and true formula. Odyssey received its 60FPS update last year.

Watch – Assassin’s Creed Origins Trailer

Will you be playing the game again when the update hits?


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