dbrand is coming up with matte black PlayStation 5 faceplates

Looking sleek.
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Remember those custom plates from Platestation? The ones that would let you swap out your white PS5 plates for something a lil’ bit more colorful? Sony basically told them to stop, and so they did. dbrand, one of the leading device customization companies, are taking on the challenge, even challenging Sony to sue them.

They’ve come up with their own custom PlayStation 5 faceplates on their website and are now accepting orders for a fantastic looking matte black design. In a cheeky post on Reddit, dbrand mentions that they’ll be entering mass production of the plates towards the end of the year (this week), and have even referenced selling unfinished products ala Cyberpunk 2077 as a bad idea, because it really is.

Lucky owners of a PlayStation 5 who may not have liked the white design that came along with it will be happy to know that a trusted brand is calling the shots here, and since matte black is something that has been a huge request from the fans, dbrand is giving the customers what they want.

They also goes to mention that they will be offering middle plates and controller skins as well. We certainly can’t wait to see what they have in store.

The company tried to work on skins prior to this one, but they shut it down themselves with a hilarious read on Reddit, calling out some customers who will be applying the skins themselves.

Sony has yet to sell their own custom designs, but you can be sure that they’ve got that lined up as soon as more PS5’s hit retail in the coming months.

Will you be customizing your PS5 with these matte black faceplates? Let us know!


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