Cyberpunk Action-Adventure Foreclosed launches on August 12

Serious eye candy.
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Foreclosed is a cyberpunk action-adventure game told in a comic book style aesthetic along the lines of XIII. You take on the role of Evan Kapnos who’s experiencing a terrible day that keeps getting worse. In this dystopian future, identity is everything.

It’s looking pretty cool, even having the “BOOM!” and “SBAM!” effects from the comics, which greatly adds to the feel of the game.

If you own a PS5, the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will provide an extra dose of immersion in the Foreclossed as popularized in games such as Returnal. Utilization of the symbiotic pistol’s unique weapon skills will have a different effect and feel delivered by the Dualsense Controller. Furthermore, private communications will be delivered through the controller speaker as well as different lighting effects will call attention to Evan’s many implants. Overall, this game is an interesting entry for August’s releases.

Foreclosed is launching on the PS5, PS4 , Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, Switch, and Stadia on August 12.


Vincent Ternida moved Vancouver, Canada in 2006 and called it home ever since. He spends the lockdown catching up with his Japanese RPGs, writing his new manuscripts, and figuring out why he suddenly became the main character of the latest Haruki Murakami novel.

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