Get an inside look at upcoming unreleased games on G.Round

Sounds like a sweet deal.
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Got a passion for playing and testing games? This might be the opportunity for you as G.Round, a new online platform giving gamers around the world a chance to playtest unreleased games and shape their development via feedback, has launched in pre-alpha and invites players to register and gain access to a curated and exclusive selection for forthcoming titles.

Registered playtesters will be given access to a ton of unreleased games, each available for 4 weeks. You’ll be able to choose what you want to play or even watch videos from content creators. After playing games, they can write reviews and fill out surveys to ensure their feedback is taken into account by the studios and publishers.

This is an opportunity for players to check out awesome games and take action to help them see the light of day,” said Rick Nahm, Co-founder and COO at G.Round. “We hope G.Round will be a place for gamers to enjoy curated fantastic games, provide productive feedback and be part of a journey in helping more talented teams and games succeed.

Even our very own GLOCO has been playing and testing games on the platform!

To sign up as a playtester, please visit the official website. For more information and to stay on top of the latest updates, please join the G.Round Discord or follow @gameroundco on Twitter and the G.Round Community Facebook page.


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