Marvel’s Avengers story, gameplay, and co-op details revealed

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The first Marvel’s Avengers War Table has recently concluded and we finally know a ton of details about the game, ranging from the story to gameplay footage that we’ve all been waiting for so long, even the reveal of the first villain!

You can view the whole presentation here:

Story Details

In the aftermath of A-Day, the Avengers have turned San Francisco into a quarantine zone, resulting in a movement to shut them down. Sensing opportunity, AIM, founded by George Tarleton, catches the public attention as they promise to find a cure and use technology to turn the people against the superpowered menace.

Tarleton’s obsession causes him to become a mental organism designed only for killing, better known as M.O.D.O.K. Alongside AIM, they are poised to be the most technologically advanced foe that the Avengers have faced.

You initially take control of Kamala Khan, an Avengers fangirl who has discovered the plot to discredit the Avengers, and will now go on a quest to assemble the team once again.

Gameplay and Customization

The Avengers War Table revealed new gameplay that takes us through a quest entitled “Once an Avenger”, a Hero mission, which is a single player campaign mission that focuses on a particular character. The clip showcases a long running battle atop the Chimera that features Thor thoroughly wrecking every enemy in his path using a variety of moves. Initial impressions on the gameplay seem to be fast-paced and fluid while variety of enemies seem to be a bit limited. Granted, this is pre-alpha footage, so improvements could have been made already.

A combination of attacks can be made through variations of light and heavy button presses, and Thor offers versatility as he can take on enemies in the air at distance using the “Manual Targeting” skill, or on the ground within striking range utilizing the trademark “Hammer Spin”. Stunning an enemy by maxing out their stun meter will allow heroes to perform a team finisher, dealing massive damage.

Each character can also utilize what’s called “Heroic Moves” that can be broken down into Assault, Ultimate, or Support. Black Widow’s Assault is “Widow’s Bite”, which is an electro-shock projectile move. Thor’s Support move is called “Warrior’s Fury”, which grants temporary invincibility to nearby allies. Thor’s Ultimate channels the power of the Bifrost to deal massive damage and clear unbreakable shields. These are just some of the ultimate abilities of the Avengers and utilizing them in synergy with your team will be key to taking on the tougher foes.

Character customization is the main draw of the game, offering options on skills, gear, perks, artifacts, and much more. Gear, for instance, have multiple rarities and each piece will have perks that are randomized to provide another layer of customization. Some perks can cause damage types like plasma or gamma while others can cause status effects.

There are also multiple outfits and emotes that you can equip your heroes with to further personalize your character. You can earn outfits through completing story missions or by purchasing them from the cosmetic vendor named Chastity McBride. These outfits are very recognizable to fans of the Avengers and will be based on various comic books and appearances like the Iron Man’s suit from the 2014 Original Sin storyline or the “Donald Blake” suit for Thor which first appeared in 1962.

Co-op and War Zones

War Zones allow up to 4 players or solo (with AI) and will offer missions that are grounded in the story which will be given by Jarvis, Maria Hill, and others. Matchmaking is available for this mode and will feature a variety of objective based missions and multiple boss fights that will offer great rewards.

Over the course of the game, you will also be rebuilding the Chimera or your helicarrier, which will serve as your base of operations.

Factions are also available in game, which will allow access to specific gear, vendors, and items based on your faction reputation.

A ton of details have been revealed and this is just the first of many War Tables to come from the Crystal Dynamics team. We’ll be hearing more from them in the following weeks and months leading to launch but for now, there’s plenty to digest and take in!

Marvel’s Avengers is scheduled to release on September 4, 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.


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