Sony announces 2 new DualSense Controller Colors – Midnight Black and Cosmic Red

Looking quite nice, don't you think?
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Players itching to add some color into their consoles will be happy to know that Sony have announced 2 new DualSense Controller colors are on the way, with Midnight Black and Cosmic Red being the first 2 variants. These new colors will be released next month, and an exact release date will be announced soon, so watch out for updates from your local retailers.

At the very least, these shouldn’t be as hard to get as a PS5. Hopefully.

dualsense controller colors - midnight black
Midnight Black
dualsense controller colors - cosmic red
Cosmic Red

The DualSense and the PlayStation 5 are both designed with customizability in mind, allowing owners to change the plates to suit their style. Various retailers like dbrand have already put out faceplates for the console, and with this announcement from Sony, we’re hoping that officially branded faceplates (and more DualSense Controller Colors) are next on the list.

Will you be getting these new DualSense Controller Colors to add to your collection? What do you think of these designs?


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