Steve and Alex bring all their tools and tricks to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on October 13

Minecraft fever takes over Smash!
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Appearing in a special deep dive presentation for the newly announced DLC fighters, Steve and Alex bring all their tools and tricks to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on October 13

You can view the whole presentation down below:

Masahiro Sakurai took us through the paces of how both Steve and Alex will function in the game, pointing out a few interesting things about the character, like how their jump is lower than normal, needing to build blocks to reach higher places, just like in Minecraft.

Both Steve and Alex will have 3 weapons to use in the game – Sword, Axe, and Pickaxe, each with different attacks. Interestingly, your weapons can break but at the same time, you can also upgrade them!

super smash bros. ultimate minecraft weapons

Their other attacks include creating magma blocks, lighting a fire, and even grabbing an opponent using your fishing rod. Some of your attacks will need certain materials, which you can gather by mining the ground or walls. You’ll be able to mine certain materials more depending on what stage you are on (more wood on wooden platforms, more iron on metal based stages, and so on).

super smash bros. ultimate minecraft mining

Crafting is integral in Steve and Alex’s arsenal, as it will allow you to craft better and more powerful equipment. Each equipment you create has properties, with the example being that gold weapons being fragile but with fast attack speed. You can only craft using your crafting table, which you can summon to your side at any time during a match.

super smash bros. ultimate minecraft weapon properties

Special moves will also be familiar to Minecraft players, employing the Mine Cart, Elytra, and even TNT. Your final smash is called House of Boom, where you send players flying into a TNT filled room.

The new level that comes along with the update is called Minecraft World, accompanied by 6 biomes, each with different designs and quirks that will provide players with challenges.

In terms of the song list, since Minecraft features relaxing music, the song list that will be included will be from spin-off games like Minecraft Dungeons, specially rearranged for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

super smash bros. ultimate minecraft  song list

Special Mii fighters are also included in the update, coming from Minecraft, Bomberman, and even Travis from No More Heroes.

New Amiibos will also come in 2021, consisting of Banjo Kazooie, Byleth and Terry Bogard.

super smash bros. ultimate minecraft  new amiibos

Steve and Alex is part of Fighters Pass 2, which retails $29.99 (around PHP1,500) and will launch on October 13.


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