Leaked controller packaging seemingly confirms cheaper Xbox Series S

With Sony already revealing 2 variants of their upcoming PlayStation 5, Microsoft still has not announced nor confirmed the existence of their cheaper Series X currently dubbed as “Lockhart”. It seems like a leaked controller packaging has indicated that there will indeed be a second console named as the Xbox Series S.

Photos coming from Twitter User Zak S has somehow obtained the controller complete with packaging that possibly states the name of the upcoming system from Microsoft, which will be known as the Xbox Series S. The Verge has obtained these photos and have confirmed that it is indeed genuine.


Crazily, Zak S got the controller for $35 on a resale site and the person who he got it from said that they got if from a homie. Well, damn, talk about a well connected homie.

Zak goes on to show more proof of authenticity…


Even placing it side by side with an Xbox One Controller, showing an improved look with the D-Pad and what seems to be a slightly larger footprint, but stating that the size and feel is amazing.


Peep some more of the shots below:

Microsoft is not keen on drastically changing the look and feel of their controller, unlike the DualSense for the PlayStation 5, which is bigger and heftier than the DualShock 4. The one thing everybody is looking at now is more information as to when Microsoft will be unveiling their second next-generation variant, which is supposed to be a cheaper, discless version.

Pieces are slowly starting to fall into place for both Microsoft and Sony, with the price possibly being the last piece of the puzzle that will give the users a final thing to think about before taking the next generation leap.

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