Did the PlayStation Showcase leak the release date for Final Fantasy XVI?

The recently concluded PlayStation Showcase played host to a ton of reveals and updates, featuring announcements for Marvel’s Wolverine, a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake, and even a first look at God of War Ragnarok.

A new “Play has no Limits” video kicked off the PlayStation Showcase and while it may seem weird and out of place, there were quite a number of easter eggs in it if you look closely.

One easter egg, in particular, is quite interesting as it may point to information about Final Fantasy XVI’s release date thanks to some sleuthing with fellow SEA media friends from JagatPlay, OnlineStation, and Geek Culture.

As a disclaimer, this is all purely speculative and should not be taken as official until an announcement is made by Square Enix or Sony.

But first, here’s the said video from the PlayStation Showcase:


At around the :37 mark of the video, you can see someone running down the stairs of a station with a big LED board behind them with text that says “VALISTHEA – 06:16.” If the final 2 numbers are a bit blurry, there’s a clearer look at around the :39 mark, which clearly shows “06:16”

While that in itself may not look like much, Valisthea is actually the world Final Fantasy XVI takes place in, leaving the numbers in question.

Could 6:16 be a possible release date for Final Fantasy XVI, pointing to June 16, 2022? Of course, this is purely speculative for now until Square Enix announces a release date, but the placement in the video certainly raises a number of questions.

You can view screencaps of the said easter egg below:

Final Fantasy XVI has been reported to have been doing well in terms of development, with voice recording for the English version almost complete as of a couple of months ago. Would a 2022 release date be feasible?

What do you think the numbers would mean? An actual release date or maybe nothing at all?

You can watch the full PlayStation Showcase in the video below:

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