Black Desert MMO From Pearl Abyss Is Free To Keep For A Limited Time

Fans of MMORPG’s that have been wanting to try Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert out but didn’t want to shell out for it can breathe a sigh of relief as the game is free to keep for a limited time.

An announcement from the developers has shared that the game is free right now on Steam and instead of purchasing the game for the usual $10 fee, it is free to keep as long as you redeem it during the promo period ending on April 13, 2022.

This is the perfect time to do so because the latest update, Mountain of Eternal Winter, is now live, bringing with it a brand-new starting zone for the game which allows adventurers to start off in treacherous snow-capped mountains that lay host to new monster zones, questlines, winter-themed activities, and a challenging boss. 

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The new update also brings a new character class, the Drakanian, an offensive character class that boasts of powerful AOE attacks that can clear the battlefield in a flurry of fire and lightning.

black desert drakania 3

Don’t forget to redeem the game before the promo period runs out!

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