Final Fantasy X has Sold Over 20.8 Million Units

Final Fantasy X, originally released in Japan and the US back in 2001, has sold over 20.8 units in worldwide shipments and digital sales, including Final Fantasy X-2, as of September 2021.

This comes via a report by Gematsu, who says that the figure has been confirmed to them by Square Enix. Additionally, the report states that back in October 2013, the series had already sold over 14 million copies just about the time when the X/X-2 HD remaster was launching. It would be a safe assumption then that the remaster has already sold 6.8 million units.

Final Fantasy X is now celebrating its 21st anniversary and is one of the favorites of many Final Fantasy fans. The game has gone on to release for the Nintendo Switch back in 2019 and was a perfect accompaniment to the handheld device, taking Tidus and his adventures on-the-go.

Final Fantasy X features mini-games like the famous (or infamous) Blitzball and the Sphere Grid system, which gave players the ability to improve the stats of their characters based on what path they choose on the grid.

The Final Fantasy series is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year and is giving fans such treats as an upcoming Crisis Core remaster and a closer look at Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

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