The Last of Us Part II Remastered – All Challenges in No Return Mode

The Last of Us Part II Remastered will feature a new No Return Mode that will challenge players to conquer various randomized scenarios that will culminate in a tension-filled boss fight.

While starting off pretty bare, the No Return Mode of The Last of Us Part II Remastered has numerous challenges where players must meet certain conditions to unlock additional features, bosses, gambits, and much more, allowing for much more variety during gameplay.

Here are all of the challenges and what they unlock in The Last of Us Part II Remastered No Return Mode!

The Last of Us Part II Remastered – All Challenges in No Return Mode

The Last of Us Part II Remastered Bosses

  • Defeat the Arcade Bloater – Unlocks Theater Infestation
  • Defeat the Theater Infestation – Unlocks Rattler Captain & Faction
  • Defeat the Rattler Captain – Unlocks Garage Bloater
  • Defeat the Garage Bloater: – Unlocks the Seraphite Elite
  • Defeat the Seraphite Elite – Unlocks Rat King
  • Deat the Rat King – Unlocks Randomized Bosses

The Last of Us Part II Remastered Core

  • Play 1 Run – Unlocks Feature Custom Run
    • Custom Run allows you to customize the rules of No Return mode.
  • Play 2 Runs – Unlocks Feature Gambits
    • Gambits are challenges that appear once per encounter. Riskier Gambits give greater rewards, including currency, ammo, and health.
  • Play 3 Runs – Unlocks Feature Dead Drops
    • Dead Drops will now randomly appear in encounters. Deposit requested items to receive an extra weapon or recipe on return to the hideout.
  • Play 5 Runs – Unlocks Game Mode Holdout Mode
    • In Holdout, you and an ally will be attacked by a swarm of infected. Use the supplies in the area to set up your defense. You will fail the encounter if your ally is killed.
  • Play 7 Runs – Unlocks Game Mode Capture Mode
    • In Capture, the enemies are guarding a safe filled with valuable supplies. It will lock when the timer expires. You can use stealth to approach the safe and open it before all enemies are defeated.
  • Play 9 Runs – Unlocks Game Mode Daily Run
    • You can only make one attempt at the Daily Run per day, and your run will be abandoned if not completed within 24 hours. Everyone plays the same randomly generated run.
the last of us part ii remastered no return core

The Last of Us Part II Remastered Gambits

  • Complete 1 Gambit – Unlocks Gambit Tier I
    • Headshot a grabbed enemy, Dodge melee attacks 5 times, Grab and kill 2 enemies from stealth, Get 3 kills in rapid succession, Kill the highlighted enemy first
  • Complete 3 Gambits – Unlocks Gambit Tier II
    • Kill the highlighted Brute using only melee attacks, Kill an enemy wave without taking any damage, Kill an enemy while holding another as a hostage, Get 3 kills from prone, Feed a grabbed enemy to clicker
  • Complete 6 Gambits – Unlocks Gambit Tier III
    • Kill enemies with 3 different weapons, Stun an enemy with stun bomb, Dodge melee attacks 3 times, Deposit items to Dead Drop, Hit 2 enemies with the same Molotov
  • Complete 9 Gambits – Unlocks Gambit Tier IV
    • Unchain 2 clickers, Stun 2 enemies with stun bombs, Melee kill 2 enemies, Get 3 headshot kills, Stun 3 enemies by shooting below their knee
  • Complete 12 Gambits – Unlocks Gambit Tier V
    • Get a kill with upgraded melee weapon, Kill the 2 highlighted enemies first, Get 3 kills with explosive arrows, Get 3 kills using a silencer
  • Complete 15 Gambits – Unlocks Gambit Tier VI
    • Kill an enemy from inside the smoke, Get 2 headshots while holding your breath, Set 2 enemies on fire using incendiary shells, Do a successive melee kill with Momentum
the last of us part ii remastered no return gambits

The Last of Us Part II Remastered Mods

  • Complete 3 encounters with mods – Unlocks Mods Tier I
    • Low health damage bonus, Photo Mode Filters, Stuns Restore Melee Durability, Invisible Enemies
  • Complete 6 encounters with mods – Unlocks Mods Tier II
    • Increased Enemy Speed, Temporarily Unlock All Recipes, Distractions Attract Enemies
  • Complete 9 encounters with mods – Unlocks Mods Tier III
    • Stealth Kills Boost Movement Speed, Molotov Rain, Time Limit, Mirror Mode
  • Complete 12 encounters with mods – Unlocks Mods Tier IV
    • Time Slows on Headshots, Crafting Gives Bonus Parts, Reloading Discards Ammo Left, Long Guns Locked
the last of us part ii remastered no return mods

Jackson / Seattle

  • Complete all challenges for Ellie-aligned Characters – Unlock Moth Weapon Skins
  • Complete all challenges for Abby-aligned Characters – Unlock Wolf Weapon Skins

The Last of Us Part II Remastered Character Challenges


  • Complete 2 encounters with Ellie – Unlocks Dina
  • Upgrade all Perseverance skills as Ellie – Unlocks Plaid Skin
  • Kill 4 enemies with Molotovs in one encounter – Unlocks Rain Jacket Skin
  • Collect every fun in one run as Ellie – Unlocks Savage Starlight Skin Set
the last of us part ii remastered no return ellie rat king


  • Complete 3 encounters with Dina – Unlocks Jesse
  • Kill 4 enemies with trap mines in one encounter – Unlocks Hangout Skin
  • Craft 10 times in a run – Unlocks Casual Skin
  • Craft a health kit, Molotov, trap mine, and stun bomb in a run – Unlocks Patrol Skin


  • Complete 3 encounters with Jesse – Unlocks Tommy
  • Purchase 10 items from the Trading Post in one run – Unlocks Festival Skin
  • Kill 3 enemies with pipe bombs in one encounter – Unlocks Patrol Skin


  • Complete 4 encounters with Tommy – Unlocks Joel
  • Kill 5 enemies in one encounter while zoomed in with a scope – Unlocks Ally Tommy
  • Complete a run with only your initial gun or guns – Unlocks Patrol Skin
  • Complete an encounter where every kill is a headshot – Unlock Sweatshirt Skin
  • Complete an encounter without missing a single shot – Unlock Winter Skin


  • Complete an infected encounter as Joel – Unlocks Ally Joel
  • Kill 6 enemies using the same gun without reloading in an encounter – Unlocks Casual Skin
  • Kill 3 enemies with shivs in one encounter – Unlocks Salt Lake City Skin
  • Hit 5 enemies with a bottle or brick in one run – Unlocks Winter Skin
  • Complete a bloater boss encounter as Joel – Unlocks Boston Skin


  • Complete 2 encounters with Abby – Unlocks Lev
  • Gain 50 health from melee kills and attacks in one encounter – Unlocks Vintage Naughty Dog Skin
  • Upgrade 3 melee weapons in a run – Unlocks Bomber Abby Skin
  • Complete an encounter with all melee kills – Unlocks Badlands Skin Set
the last of us part ii remastered no return abby combat


  • Complete 3 encounters with Lev – Unlocks Yara
  • Get 7 kills with explosive arrows in one run – Unlocks Santa Barbara Skin
  • Craft 20 arrows of any type in one run – Unlocks White Shirt Skin
  • Complete an encounter with all bow kills – Unlocks Abby’s Jacket Skin
the last of us part ii remastered no return lev bow


  • Complete 3 encounters with Yara – Unlocks Mel
  • Complete a Seraphite encounter as Yara – Unlocks Safehouse Skin
  • Defeat 3 Seraphite Brutes – Unlocks Aquarium Skin


  • Complete 4 encounters with Mel – Unlocks Manny
  • Craft 8 health kits in a run – Unlocks Aquarium Skin
  • Heal 80 health with one health kit – Unlocks Seattle Skin


  • Fully upgrade any gun – Unlocks Winter Skin
  • Kill 5 enemies with incendiary shotgun shells in one run – Unlocks Firefly Skin

The Last of Us Part II Remastered is coming to the PS5 on January 19, 2024.

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