‘A Space for the Unbound’ Delayed due to Allegations of Publisher Withholding Grant Funds

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Mojiken Studio and Toge Productions have released a statement regarding the delay of their upcoming slice-of-life adventure game A Space for the Unbound, saying that it will be delayed until further notice.

Both parties have detailed the events leading to this announcement, claiming that PQube Games, the console publisher for the game, “used our position and heritage as developers from Indonesia to obtain a diversity fund from a well-known console platform,” during the height of the pandemic back in 2020.

Further information states that PQube intentionally withheld the information from the developers and instead of providing them with the funds, they instead used it for a different purpose, which Mojiken and Toge claim to have found out back in March 2022.

“Rather than paying the grant money to us, PQube Games hid the facts about the grant’s award and added it as a recoupable minimum guarantee and then used it to negotiate the increase of their revenue share,” says the press release.

The situation is very complicated, and sounds extremely exploitative, leading to the termination of the contract between Mojiken/Toge and PQube.

Despite this, the statement further claims that PQube is refusing to hand over publishing control, thus the decision to delay the game indefinitely until this is resolved.

As of writing, PQube has not responded to the allegations.

The Steam page of A Space for the Unbound is still up on Steam, indicating a 2022 release date. At the moment, this is highly unlikely, but we’ll be sure to look out for developments on this issue.

A demo for A Space for the Unbound is now available on Steam.


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