The Last of Us TV show casts Bella Ramsey from Game of Thrones as Ellie

Good choice? Good choice.
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The Craig Mazin produced HBO series The Last of Us finally lands their Ellie, as the star from Game of Thrones Bella Ramsey has been cast to fill in the lead role. Ramsey, 17 years old, played the fiesty Lyanna Mormont, whose breakout portrayal was praised by fans of the series.

The casting choice was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, which Neil Druckmann gleefully shared to the public, welcoming her to the family.

In the same report, THR clarified the speculation that Mahershala Ali had been offered the lead role of Joel, saying that “Ali did circle the role, say sources, but a deal (n)ever came to fruition.”

In other news, Pedro Pascal has been cast to play alongside Ramsey as Joel.


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