Full BlizzConline 2021 Schedule revealed

Here's hoping for some Diablo IV news!
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Following the announcement of BlizzConline taking place virtually this year, the full schedule across all games has been revealed, and is sure to be a weekend full of updates and features from your favorite Blizzard franchise.

As posted by the AKG Games Facebook Page, the festivities will start on February 20 at 6AM Philippines, starting with the opening ceremony. From there, each game will have its own dedicated channel and schedule that will treat fans to various programs. There will also be a dedicated strategy games channel covering StarCraft, Warcraft III: Reforged, and Heroes of the Storm.

You can check out the detailed schedule below:

In case this is too early for you on a Saturday, worry not! All panels and segments will be available as VOD’s so you can get back to watching them at your leisure.

You can watch BlizzConline here and you can also find out more information at the official BlizzConline website.


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