Demon Souls Remake might be one of the titles making an appearance at the PlayStation 5 event

Next generation death fest.
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Are you a Demon Souls fan, hoping to see your game remade or remastered for the current or even next gen? Well, your prayers might be answered.

Peter Dalton showed up with a pretty interesting Tweet, expressing excitement to “leave our old gaming limitations behind us.”

Peter Dalton who? You mean Peter Dalton, CTO and Technical director of Bluepoint games, developers behind the remake hit Shadow of the Colossus as well as the remastered ports for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Gravity Rush Remastered.

Bluepoint has been confirmed to be working on a PS5 title as per Wired, with President Marco Thrush saying “We’re working on a big one right now”, and since these guys are masters of… remasters, then Demon Souls may just be the next game on the list, considering all of the rumors surrounding the title.

As an added bit, Jason Schreier pointed out in a Tweet that he expects both first and third party games at the upcoming PS5 event on June 5. Twitter user Seth Parmer replied about wanting to see the Bluepoint game, and Schreier “liked” the tweet. It could mean nothing, but it could also mean that Jason is confirming the title, or at the very least shares the same sentiments about wanting to see it as well. Who knows?

Seeing as we’re a couple of days away from the PS5 event from happening, it isn’t long until we find out what sort of games we’ll be able to play on Sony’s next generation offering. Xbox showed a fair weathered showcase for their third party titles last time and Sony must have taken some notes on how to improve on that.

We’re hoping for it to blow us away.


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