PlayStation 5 pre-orders will open this week for only $10,000

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Players all around the world will be glad to know that PlayStation 5 pre-orders will be available on September 10, but there’s a catch. Remember that special custom gold-plated PS5 that made the rounds back in July? Yep, that’s the one up for pre-orders and if you’ve got the hots for extremely luxe and limited items, you can have it for only $10,000, or around PHP500,000.

You read correctly.

UK-based company ‘Truly Exquisite’ provides luxury bespoke edition products and next on their list is a 24 Karat gold plated PlayStation 5, which also comes in a rose gold option. A lot of players may not have liked the black and white theme of the next-gen console from Sony so maybe solid gold is something a bit more acceptable.

Only 250 pieces per model / finish will be produced, making it extremely limited. Since you’re paying that much for it, your device will come in a luxury wooden display box and will have free worldwide shipping and insurance, just in case you were worried about shipping fees.

As for the “normal” PlayStation 5 pre-order news, we’ll still have to wait on Sony to make an official announcement. If a game retailer tweet was anything to go by, we could hear some news later today.


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