Spider-Man: Miles Morales introduces a cute and furry sidekick in Spider-Cat

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We’re definitely seeing a steady flow of information now the upcoming next-gen games. With Spider-Man: Miles Morales going gold to the Game Informer exclusive reveals, Miles is definitely in full swing and apparently, he’s not alone. Tucked away beneath a bodega, Spider-Man: Miles Morales introduces (and rescues) Spider-Cat, the cutest and furriest crimefighting sidekick this side of town.

Game Informer once again gives us an exclusive look at Spider-Cat and, along with it, a new suit to go along with your new buddy.

Interestingly, and as pointed out by Nibel, Spider-Cat tucks himself in your backpack as part of your new suit and during finishers, the cat will actually help out!

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is looking bit by bit a must play game, if it isn’t already. While it plays similar to the previous Spider-Man game, Miles Morales definitely has a vibe and personality to call its own that sees itself as a worthy launch title for the PS5. We think the Ultimate Edition, that comes packed with Spider-Man Remastered, is definitely worth the $70 price tag!


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