Pokemon Unite now available for iOS and Android devices

In case you don’t have a Switch, you can now enjoy some Pokemon MOBA action courtesy of Pokemon Unite, the free-to-play game that will now be available on mobile devices starting toda… now!

Alongside the mobile release, a new Battlepass called “Galactic Ghost 094” will also launch, featuring space-themed items and rewards for players that complete daily and weekly missions.

The full list of updates contains the following items, according to the Pokemon Unite website:

  • Full cross-platform play and account linking across mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. Link an account, and play with the same account across both platforms.
  • New in-game events in which you can get super item enhancers that can upgrade a held item to grade 30. We’ve also made it easier for all Trainers to get item enhancers.
  • New held items to introduce fresh strategies.
  • The introduction of Unite squads, allowing Trainers to team up with squadmates.
  • A second battle pass, which will feature all-new cosmetic items, including new Holowear with special visual effects.
  • The rollout of some limited Spectator Mode features.
  • Support for multiple new languages.

You can click on the links below to start downloading the game:

Pokemon Unite is now available for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile Devices.

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