Balan Wonderworld’s Director Yuji Naka Was Removed Prior To Launch, Filed Lawsuit Against Square Enix

Balan Wonderworld, despite its interesting premise, was a game that was heavily criticized when it was released last year. In fact, it was widely regarded as one of the worst games of the year, which was not a good look for Square Enix and director Yuji Naka.

The game was reviewed harshly, even by us (read our review), and it was puzzling to see why it was released in such a state. As it turns out, thanks to new information from Yuji Naka himself, there were a lot of complications behind the scenes, prompting the director to even file a lawsuit against Square Enix.

Watch – Balan Wonderworld Opening Movie

In a series of tweets by Naka (roughly translated by Twitter translator), he goes on to say that he was removed from his position as director 6 months before the launch of the game. He filed a case, which is now over, but proceeded to explain the number of events and situations about the challenges he faced during that time.

Surprisingly, Naka mentions that he knew that the product was unfinished and needed more work but couldn’t do anything about it. He gives an example of how a mechanic in Sonic the Hedgehog was changed at the last minute to make it fun for the players. Sadly, he couldn’t do the same with Balan Wonderworld.

Nibel on Twitter has provided a rough translation of all the tweets below:

Naka closes his tirade by apologizing to the fans and how Balan Wonderworld was released in such an unfinished state. He then says that “I think Square Enix and Arzest are companies that don’t care about games and game fans.”

What did you think of Balan Wonderworld? Did it deserve such harsh reviews?

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