Seal-M – 5 Reasons to Play This Whimsical MMORPG

PLAYWITH Games recently released Seal-M on the Google Play and iOS App Stores, garnering over 500,000 downloads while treating players to generous in-game gifts to celebrate the great achievement. 

In case you didn’t know, Seal-M is a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that inherits the Seal Online IP, and if it’s been on your radar or if you’ve simply been looking for a new mobile game to play, here are some reasons we think you should give this whimsical game a try!

5 Reasons to Play Seal-M

Seal-M Tickles the Nostalgia Vibe with a Unique Aesthetic

If you’re looking for a mobile game to bring back warm and nostalgic memories, Seal-M is definitely worth checking out. Whether or not you played Seal Online, the look and feel of Seal-M are akin to the MMORPGs of the early 2000s, showing off vibrant colors and cute characters.

Seal M - 5 reasons - Shiltz peek

The game brings you into the fantasy world of Shiltz with four major towns – Lime, Elim, Zaid, and Madelin, each with their own designs. 

Seal-M brings a unique, whimsical, and cute aesthetic to its fantastical world. From the four towns to the NPCs that you interact with in the world, and even the monsters you face.

Seal M - 5 reasons - monsters

As far as the monsters go, my favorites include the Cranky Rooster, Moo Moo, and of course, the Rascal Rabbits!

Seal M - 5 reasons - Cranky Rooster

The Cranky Rooster, as the name suggests is a rooster that isn’t too pleased with life and dressed in what appears to be dressed in a navy uniform with khaki pants while holding a cudgel. Its description reads, “These roosters take revenge on the human species for serving their ancestors up on dinner plates for generations.”

Seal M - 5 reasons - Moo Moo

The Moo Moo, on the other hand, are radishes that have gone aggressive and wear headsets. As to why, we didn’t ask. It’s just pretty silly and we love it!

Seal M - 5 reasons - Rascal Rabbit

Lastly, the Rascal Rabbits. They look adorable when you’re just navigating the world, but mess with them and they will bring out a cleaver and hack away at you. There’s also an obvious switch in their demeanor when you attack one, so you’ve got to love the personality. 

Seal M - 5 reasons - Rascal Rabbit 2

Seal-M’s Pet and Costume Systems are Cute

The aesthetics don’t stop with the world and its inhabitants though, and Seal-M has a Pet system and costumes to accompany and dress up your characters. Pets even have a leveling and evolution system which just makes it even better. 

Seal M - 5 reasons - summon screen

You have the option to unlock a pet by watching an ad each day or purchasing a ticket. The free option though is only available once per day, while for costumes you can purchase tickets to unlock them. 

Seal M - 5 reasons - setup

Both the pets and costumes not only add more color and variety to your time in Shiltz, but they also add stats to your character. 

Seal M - 5 reasons - pet screen

I currently rock an evolved rose pet and a Winter Couple costume which if I get bored with, I can switch my cow costume and another pet!

Seal M - 5 reasons - costume

Let’s not forget the Guarder, your mount, which hastens your travel when you don’t want to use your teleport tickets but can also use a skin to change its look. You start out with a rickety-looking bike, but you can also get a more modern-looking skin or a fat tiger. I, of course, currently use the fat tiger just because it looks fluffy!

Seal M - 5 reasons - tiger

Let’s not forget the Oomparts that unlock at level 20. These are armors pieces that add even more aesthetics by being placed on top of your head, your face, or even behind you, all while offering a variety of stats. 

Seal-M has Extensive Character Customization

In addition to the costume and pet aesthetics, the game gives you customization as far as building your character goes. 

Seal M - 5 reasons - classes

Currently, you are able to choose among five classes: Mage, Knight, Jester, Warrior, and Priest. These fill the conventional roles of caster DPS, tank, ranged DPS, melee DPS, and healer, respectively. These will, later on, be joined by Hunter and Cook. 

Seal M - 5 reasons - stats

In addition to the classes you get to choose from early on, you’re given stat points which you’ll need to allocate among six stats, STR, INT, CON, VIT, WIS, and LUK. The stats all have varying effects with some increasing your critical chance and some increasing your life. With a limited among of stat points, you’ll definitely need to pick which best suits your class and your play style. 

Seal M - 5 reasons - skill page

Each class also has its own set of skills which you will need to learn and/or enhance. 

These add up to offer quite a deep level of customization in terms of your character and how you play the game. You can always automate the stat allocation or look for builds online, but for those of you that enjoy making your own builds or just trying new things, you definitely have that option. 

Seal-M’s Auto-Battling Allows You To Play Without Playing

Speaking of automation, Seal M has modern systems like an auto-battle system and auto-routing. These make it very easy to play it while you’re doing other things like working or watching your favorite series or movie. 

Seal M - 5 reasons - Combo

The auto-routing allows you to leave your character to navigate through the world and finish up quests. And then if you want to hop back in, just tap your screen three times (assuming it went to battery-saving mode) and just play. 

Seal M - 5 reasons - combo page

The automated battle also includes the Combo Hit system via a repeat system that basically repeats the last combo you inputted. Combos have a variety of buffs and benefits when you use them. Giving you something else to think of before you automate. 

The automation also works for things like dungeons so it really helps players with very little time to go through the grind while still progressing. 

Seal-M Challenges Players with Dungeon Battles

Speaking of dungeons, Seal M has dungeon battles with varying levels of difficulty. You can run these to test and limit test your current build by needing to kill tougher enemies on a time limit. These also give you a chest at the end that’ll give you a variety of gear to help in your leveling. 

Seal M - 5 reasons - dungeon goodies

You can do these fully automated or if you have the time, you can just test your mettle and manually go through the dungeon and see how fast you can finish it.

There’s so much more to Seal M like the fishing that you can do in towns, Guild Battles, Seal Talk to meet new players, or even just going through the story of Shiltz and learning more about what happened to the world around you. 

Seal M - 5 reasons - cut scene

The game also has cut scenes and voiced characters that can entertain players as they play through the game. 

If you’re interested to learn more about Seal M, visit the official website or download the game now on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

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