New Skill trees revealed for Borderlands 3 Designer’s Cut

New ways to get crazy.
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Gearbox Software has just revealed new skill trees in Borderlands 3 for four Vault Hunters namely Amara, FL4K, Moze, and Zane in the upcoming Designer’s Cut add-on.

Amara’s new Phaseflare Action Skill summons a giant controllable orb of elemental destruction which helps her plow through those that oppose her. Her Enlightened Force Skill Tree, on the other hand, lets her freeze enemies using Cryo elemental effects which rounds out her toolkit of natural elements. The passive abilities in this tree help her maximize elemental damage and slow enemies down to help Phaseflare chase them down.

FL4K gets new a crowd control Action Skill with the new Gravity Snare. The long-lasting skill periodically tosses nearby in the air which interrupts their attacks then slams them back into the ground. Meanwhile, the passive abilities in the Trapper Skill Tree give FL4K and their pet shield bonuses and increased hit effects.

Moze swaps her pilotable mech Iron Bear for a smaller but autonomous mini-mech called Iron Cub which fights alongside you in the Bear Mother Skill Tree. The majority of the bonuses that apply to Iron Bear also work on Iron Cub including the Hard Point weapon attachments. The Skill Tree also rewards you for setting enemies ablaze which is a good fit for fans of Hard Point weapons.

Lastly, Zane can now equip the MNTIS Shoulder Cannon, thanks to his new Skill Tree. The MNTIS Shoulder Canon is a high-tech railgun with multiple charges that can snipe enemies. This can be paired with the No Way Out augment which is found further down the Skill Tree. The augment makes the MNTIS shoot a grappling hook that yanks directly to you for a bit of close quarter combat.

For more on the new skill trees of Amara and FL4K, click here, while if you want to know more about Moze and Zane, click here.

Borderlands 3 Designer Cut add-on will be available starting November 10 as part of Season Pass 2.


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