Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster releasing on July 28, full package is very pricey

Final Fantasy I, II, and III first, the rest will follow.
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After a leaked video (now removed) showing a July release date, Square Enix have now confirmed that Final Fantasy Pixel remaster will be releasing on July 28 for PC (Steam) and Mobile.

The initial release will only feature the first 3 games, with FF IV, V, VI to follow. Final Fantasy I and II will be priced at $12 each (PHP544) but Final Fantasy III onwards will be priced higher at $18 (PHP798). You can check out the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Steam page for more details.

Doing the math… That’s around $90 (PHP4,280) for the whole package, but if you pre-purchase, you can save 20%. Depending on who you ask, that’s pretty expensive, but since I’m a sucker for some old-school Final Fantasy, I’ll probably be $90 short by the end of July.

Some screenshots have been shared online and based on how it looks, the font used in the game looks to be very questionable, which is rather disappointing because with how Final Fantasy VII Remake is a perfect example of a great effort from the team, they always seem to do wrong with these earlier releases.

One more baffling thing about this whole installment is that there looks to be no sign of a console release, at least for now. This would have been perfect for the Switch, so we’re still holding out on that.

Final Fantasy Pixel remaster will be releasing on July 28 for PC (Steam) and Mobile.


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