New Nintendo Switch model will reportedly support DLSS and have improved CPU and memory

Is there really a new model?
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Just earlier this month, reports of a new Switch model surfaced, which was said to include a 720p 7-inch OLED screen that can output to 4K when docked. Now, a new update from Bloomberg says that this new model will be using an upgraded Nvidia chip and will support Nvidia’s DLSS or Deep Learning Super Sampling, which is technology that allows the delivery of high quality images through more efficient means.

DLSS support won’t be something automatic though, as it will require new code to be added to the games, and will be “used to improve graphics on upcoming titles” according to multiple game developers.

Apart from supporting DLSS, the new Switch model will also be sporting a better CPU and increased memory, as mentioned by sources familiar with the matter.

Of course, this influx of new technology won’t come cheap, and the new Switch model is expected to raise the price by as much as $100, says Bloomberg Intelligence’s Matthew Kanterman. The Switch is currently priced at $299, so if the reports are to be believed, it could jump up to as much as $399, the same price as a PS5 Digital Edition.

Nothing about a new Switch model has been confirmed by Nintendo, but if previous hardware generations are to be followed, there usually is a mid-generation hardware refresh, whether in “slim” or “pro” variants. Whether or not the Switch follows this is up to Nintendo, but a lot of gamers are already expecting an announcement sooner or later.


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