You won’t need to eat any chocolate bar to get all of these Final Fantasy VII Remake DLC’s

Available for free!
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Remember that promo where you had to buy a certain chocolate bar to get a once exclusive Tifa Theme (which is FREE now, by the way!) along with some in-game DLC accessories? Well you can forget about that because all of the DLC is now free to download for everybody!

The announcement was made by Square Enix themselves and you can enjoy these free DLC items just by downloading them from the PlayStation Store:

Check out the links below depending on your account region:

The offer may not be available in certain storefronts so it would be best to check first.

And just in case you haven’t played one of the best games of this year and possibly a GOTY contender, now could be the best time to do so as Final Fantasy VII Remake is on sale at a whopping 34% off!

Check out the links below depending on your account region:

Jump on the Final Fantasy VII Remake hype train before the second installment comes out, which is reportedly in full development already!


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